Co-Created Contemporary Relevance of Subject Area Vision

Co-Created with K-12 Math Leaders, Newport Public Schools, VA

Our program integrates current research, Connecticut curriculum standards, and play based learning experiences to design a nurturing, curiosity-filled, and rigorous environment. We develop an inclusive community of learners where every child is appreciated for who they are — their talents, interests, and aspirations.

We build independent learners who can play, problem solve, and share their ideas with one another in service to the following academic and social emotional learning goals.

  • Develop relationships with each other and the community around them. For example, interacting with peers, being kind to others, taking turns.
  • Show curiosity in a topic as they find out more about the world around them. For example, asking questions, role playing, and looking for patterns.
  • Use real world scenarios to demonstrate key academic and social emotional learning goals. For example, putting out the number of plates based on how many people are joining you for dinner; acting out a story with the main characters.
  • Navigate the school environment using roles, rules and routines. For example, sharing and caring for materials, moving to a location when prompted.
  • Demonstrate increased sophistication in gross and fine motor skills. For example, molding play dough, using writing utensils to share their thinking.
  • Communicate effectively based on purpose, task, and audience using gestures, pictures, and/or language. For example, asking for help, identifying emotions, making choices, emergent writing.

Instructional Approach:

We are committed to creating and fostering a community of learners that celebrate diversity and inclusion by empowering students and families to celebrate their culture, language, heritage and unique differences. Our daily practice integrates play based learning, explicit instruction, executive function, individual coaching, and peer modeling.

  • Play-based Learning: We create real world play scenarios based on our observations of children’s interests and ideas aligned to CT curriculum standards. Children are able to explore authentic challenges and demonstrate academic and social emotional skills.
  • Explicit Instruction: We teach clear, manageable, and developmentally appropriate lessons aligned to CT curriculum standards. These are followed by regular opportunities to practice and receive targeted feedback to grow over time.
  • Executive Function and Self Regulation: We model strategies for children to help them plan, focus attention, remember instructions, and juggle multiple tasks successfully.
  • Individual Coaching: We facilitate learning through building rapport, observing skills, assessing progress and setting goals that are responsive to the individual child.
  • Peer Modeling: We encourage children to learn from each other through organic play and social interactions.

We leverage the knowledge and expertise of school-based educators and families to complement our instructional and assessment practices.