What Is on Your Highlight Reel From This School Year?

What is on your highlight reel?

The end of the school year is in sight.

While you may feel weary, this also may be a perfect time to reflect on the school year with your students and your colleagues.

What is on your highlight reel?

The moments that took your breath away?

The questions your students pursued?

The projects that were developed?

Skills that were strengthened?

As you reflect on these moments, what story does that highlight reel tell about your learning journey so far?

Reflecting on unexpected challenges, meaningful context, and surprising connections (to name a few) underscores that actively navigating a journey is an act of courage.

Based on your journey, what might a few actions be you may want to pursue?

An action can be a small step, but something you are energized to do.

If you are interested in sending along your highlight reel reflections, I would be honored to read them. I actually stumbled across one powerful way to jump start gratitude practice that helps make daily reflection a habit.

This month, I also have two new posts on Learning Personalized that I am honored to share:

As always, thank you for reading, reflecting, and sharing your journeys with me.

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