Kristin Mancini
January 11, 2017

REIMAGINE is my new favorite word. Allison has taught my World Language teachers and I the power of reimagining our units into more authentic and engaging experiences for our students.

Reimagining curriculum is not easy work, but once you try you will never go back to your textbook.

Matt Geary
January 9, 2017

Allison has helped educators in our district think deeply about personalized learning for both children and adults. She has been a true partner in helping us think through the culture shift necessary to make learning that supports and engages the interests and passions of all learners come to life in our district in an authentic way. Allison’s ability to push educators outside their comfort zones is a result of her thoughtful planning, energetic style, respect for the teaching profession, and sincere desire to make learning a more positive, engaging experience for us all.

Jill Thompson
January 9, 2017

I have had the privilege of working with Allison Zmuda as a thought partner as we have rolled out Personalized Learning. She is always pushing the envelope on what education should look like. She is a pleasure to work with because of her energy and talent.

Michael Fisher
January 9, 2017

Allison Zmuda is equal parts collaborator, mentor, confidant, friend, and lifelong learning trailblazer. I very much value and am deeply proud of our cooperative partnership and accomplishments.

Mike Anderson
January 9, 2017

Allison has the rare blend of attributes that make for a fantastic consultant: deep big-picture thinking and practical implementation strategies. I have felt fortunate to learn and grow with and from Allison!

Meghan Ofer
January 12, 2017

Observing Allison interacting with our students was eye opening and inspiring. She gave a unique voice to a group of students that hadn’t been tapped into prior to her arrival. Our teachers (and students) now look at personalized learning with a new lens.

Jill Krieger
January 12, 2017

Allison has been masterful at pushing our thinking while always keeping our eye on authentic engagement for students

Our work with Allison has allowed us to take our curriculum units and dive deeply into designing authentic learning opportunities for our students that provide choice and voice

Allison’s work with us has been invaluable.  We are a large high school with a diverse student population.  The opportunities for teachers to learn to develop personalized learning experiences, that increase student engagement, is critical to student success.

Karen Spalding
January 18, 2017

Allison Zmuda has supported the efforts of Denton ISD’s curriculum department and curriculum writing teams for the past several years. When Allison is with us, she becomes part of our team, working beside us, asking powerful questions, and helping us think deeply about Understanding by Design and the rich content of our curriculum units.

Craig Gastauer
March 10, 2017

Allison’s brilliance lies in how she engages the teams with whom she works. Rather than telling teams what to do, she stands shoulder to shoulder with them, draws out their voices, and creates the space for all to co-create the action plan for improvement. Through this process, teachers discover more about themselves and their own practice resulting in collaboration to build authentic learner-centered personalized learning opportunities.

Eric Chagala
January 12, 2017

Working alongside Allison has been one of life’s great joys for me. The insights, honesty, creative nature, and depth of experiences that she brings to the table have been some of the most enriching in my career and for the on-going work at our school. I am humbled and blessed to learn from her, and I am always intrigued by her curious nature and how she tunes me in towards a deeper reflection of what I say, do, and think.

Christine Loughlin
January 11, 2017

My work with Allison as the Assistant Principal and then later as the Principal was invaluable to our school community and to my profession. There was nothing Allison wouldn’t do when it came to helping teachers improve their practice.

In my last year working with her as the Principal of the Henry Street School for International Studies, our school moved from priority status to good standing in State Accountability. I am certain that our success was due to the work of a strong leadership team, dedicated teachers, and Allison Zmuda.

It has been a honor and a privilege to know Allison. In August 2015, I moved on from position of Principal, and in my new role as Field Support Liaison, I support 70 schools. The knowledge and experience I gained from working with Allison has served me very well in my new position. I am forever grateful for my time as a principal and for learning from Allison.

Mary Murphy
January 12, 2017

Allison Zmuda is extremely dedicated to helping teachers create learning environments that engage and motivate learners of all ages. Allison makes a difference by engaging teachers to think deeply about strategies that support personalized learning environments. She is a professional developer who understands the needs of educators then works side-by-side with teachers on practical strategies that put students at the center of learning.

Gail Dahling-Hench
January 12, 2017

There is a distinct difference between hiring a consultant to work for your district and one whom works with your district. Since Madison Public Schools has been dedicated to developing the curriculum design that embeds and assesses thinking skills, Allison has embraced, challenged, and enhanced our work. Her expertise in UbD, as well as in the standards in all content areas, has enabled us to move the design forward to be applicable in all disciplines. We bring Allison in to push our thinking, trouble shoot, and build bridges between our aspirations and our current reality.

Allison is a welcome addition on any project. Her days in district do not need to be excessive to have great impact- she works to support our vision with diagnostic precision. This year, we are building Innovation Classrooms which are focused on the development student-centered learning. Between visits, Allison is a dependable phone call or email away as a critical friend to Madison Public Schools.

Denise Earles
January 12, 2017

I was one of the first Curricular Leads in our district to work with Allison on curriculum revision and I’m pretty sure people thought I was her publicist when they asked me what it was like to work with her. Allison Zmuda’s brain works at lightning speed, but she never leaves anyone behind. Her ability to listen to each member of the group, pull out the best ideas, and guide the group to a collaborative and creative solution is what makes her so easy to work with. She knows just when to push a little more and when to stand back. The best part about working with Allison is that her fingerprints are all over the process, but the final product is all you, so when she leaves your group feels complete ownership for the work that was done. Professional development days with Allison Zmuda are the most productive and satisfying PD days of the year!

Sally Haddad
February 28, 2017

Allison’s strategic approach to personalized learning is phenomenal! A brilliant and down-to-earth coach with a focus on curriculum and instruction systems, student learning and academic success.

Mary Helen Martin
January 24, 2017

Allison has expertly assisted teams of teachers from many grade levels and disciplines navigate challenging work with ease. She has been an exceptional companion throughout our UbD work! We look forward to every visit and know she will challenge us to take the next step in our journey!

Dr. Bena Kallick
January 9, 2017

Working with Allison is invigorating, intellectually stimulating, and fun! She is an extremely talented educator who can think as comfortably from a systems perspective as she can from educators and students. What I find most enjoyable about working collaboratively with her is the amazing critical eye that she puts to our work as well as her open minded consideration about any feedback I might offer. Together with Allison, our work continuously gets better!

Laura Stott
January 9, 2017

Allison has challenged me to think about my teaching and curriculum from the perspective of my students, their interests and their goals. Change is not easy, but Allison has helped me through the process with questions, laughter and support.

Kimberly Beck
January 9, 2017

Over the last decade, I have had the privilege of working with Allison in two different districts and in varying capacities. In that time I have stood in awe of her and her accomplishments. Allison has evolved with field and offers a skill set that few possess. She truly is a one-of-a-kind education consultant.

There are many capabilities that she possesses that truly set her apart from the rest. More than anything, Allison is a brilliant thought-partner in an era that requires intelligent, innovative thinking. When working with me and my team she finds ways to push our work forward in our district’s unique context. There is no pre-packaging, no cookie cutter approach. Allison personalizes every aspect of her consultancy and the results are magical. As an educational leader working in districts of means, I have the luxury of selecting from the best outside consultants with whom to work. Allison Zmuda is the top 1%. Her expertise, zeal for the work, and unrelenting professionalism are unparalleled. I recommend Allison with great enthusiasm.

Mary Lisa Harper
January 12, 2017

Allison Zmuda is a stand out educational consultant. Fueled by a genuine desire to impact the lives of students and teachers, Allison has an uncanny ability to inspire through engaging conversation, a listening ear, and practical and strategic solutions and strategies. When working with Allison, you leave the table with a vast array of implementable ideas and a support system that continues to live as you take new learning into an everyday practice. Allison walks the walk in the personalized learning space and makes an impact.

Kate Bean
January 12, 2017

If you have a chance to work with Allison Zmuda even for a minute … take it!  The lightening speed at which she processes information and delivers a student-centered plan is a wondrous experience. Just strap in for the journey and learn from the most student first educator I have ever met.

Diane Ullman
February 20, 2017

Allison Zmuda’ s life work is about making schooling work for children. She is a visionary who can speak eloquently about the importance of personalizing learning in a way that captures the interests and passion of each student while at the same time helping teachers find practical steps to evolve their classrooms into places where personalized learning thrives.