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January 12, 2017

There is a distinct difference between hiring a consultant to work for your district and one whom works with your district. Since Madison Public Schools has been dedicated to developing the curriculum design that embeds and assesses thinking skills, Allison has embraced, challenged, and enhanced our work. Her expertise in UbD, as well as in the standards in all content areas, has enabled us to move the design forward to be applicable in all disciplines. We bring Allison in to push our thinking, trouble shoot, and build bridges between our aspirations and our current reality.

Allison is a welcome addition on any project. Her days in district do not need to be excessive to have great impact- she works to support our vision with diagnostic precision. This year, we are building Innovation Classrooms which are focused on the development student-centered learning. Between visits, Allison is a dependable phone call or email away as a critical friend to Madison Public Schools.