Dear Instructional Leader,

I’m so glad you’re here.

As an educational consultant, author, and keynote speaker with more than 18 years’ experience, I am passionate about working with individuals like you.

It is my professional mission to create classroom environments where I would send my own children, but I know from experience that process isn’t easy. You may see stories of schools or districts engaging in progressive, effective learning, but understand that kind of success doesn’t happen overnight.

Transitioning from an outdated process to one that is relevant to the teacher and student takes time and is often messy, difficult, and – at times – discouraging.

That’s where I come in.

Not only will I provide you with a living strategy, I will guide you through the journey of helping teachers and students adjust to a new, initially-uncomfortable way of learning. I am passionate and driven to help students develop in this ever-changing world, but I also hold a deep respect for teachers and the work they do.

I recognize the balancing act you are engaged in as well, fighting for real change within your circle of influence.

Whether it’s developing short-term actions or a long-term vision, our partnership will move you forward in creating relevant learning experiences for students and teachers.


Allison Zmuda
Educational Consultant, Author, and Keynote Speaker