Allison provides a blend of practical, passionate, and powerful explanations on a range of topics. She is a prolific writer who has penned 11 books to date including The Quest for Learning, Students at the Center: Personalized Learning with Habits of Mind and Learning Personalized: The Evolution of the Contemporary Classroom.

Allison pulls from her 18 years of experience to speak about a wide range of topics, including:

Assessments That Fuel Improved Achievement
  • How do we measure what matters? A look at focusing on balanced assessments that align with desired results
  • How do we design work that matters to our students? Looking to authentic questions, challenges, ideas, networks, and contemporary genres to motivate and demonstrate learning
  • How do we know if students are really ‘getting it?’ The role of formative assessments and the feedback spiral
The Promise of Personalized Learning
  • What does ‘future-ready’ look like? The reality of our rapidly-changing world and how to help students get ready for it
  • What is personalized learning, really? A look at what personalized learning is (and isn’t), why it matters, and where to begin
  • How do we begin to flatten the hierarchy of a top-down school environment to create meaningful partnerships? A focus on the Four Attributes and related Habits of Mind
  • How do we grow our students’ capacity to become self-directed thinkers and problem-solvers? A look at the Habits of Mind and how to make it a part of the classroom and school culture
  • How are we rewriting job descriptions for teachers and students? A focus on shifting roles of teachers and students in a personalized learning ecosystem
  • Do we really see our students? The role of personalized learning as a means to achieve equity
  • How do we grow student voice in the design of their own learning? A look into leveraging the Four Attributes to design more personalized experiences
Getting Personalized Learning to Scale
  • How can we nurture personalized learning for the long-term? A focus on the predictable phases of change as ways to grow and deepen personalized learning
  • How do we coach our staff when diving into personalized learning? A look at developing a culture of innovative practices with your staff
Growing A Culture of Questioning
  • What are the nature of the questions being asked in the classroom? How do those questions impact the learning experience? A look at the types of questions asked in the classroom and the impact they have
  • How do we create Essential Questions that both anchor and launch the student experience? Leveraging the power of Essential Questions to drive student thinking
  • What are we really paying attention to when our students speak? Questioning, problem posing, and listening to students with understanding and empathy
Learning Experience
  • Why do we have to learn this? A look at the long-term aims of contemporary schooling: what they are, why they matter, and how to create them
  • How do our students perceive learning? The myths students have about learning and how to break them
  • How can we increase engagement in the classroom? A focus on four keys to real engagement

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