Possible Toolkit Topics

Bena Kallick and I have been hard at work imagining how we can continue to emphasize what Personalized Learning looks like from the perspective of our definition:

Personalized learning is a progressively student-driven model where students deeply engage in meaningful, authentic, and rigorous challenges to demonstrate desired outcomes.

Our vision is to create a set of tools that are bundled together in a toolkit to help teachers grow a personalized and psychologically safe culture for taking responsible risks as both they and the students navigate through rich and complex challenges. Each tool will be relevant for most subject areas and grade levels so that teachers can personalize them for their content and with their students. We also will identify connections to relevant Habits of Mind for each tool to continue to emphasize the importance of developing thinking dispositions.

Please take a moment and look at the following topics we have identified as categories for possible sets of tools. Each makes reference to how we progressively move toward a student driven environment.Rate each using this key: 1 (not particularly interested/not sure what you mean by this), 2 (interesting), 3 (eager to see):

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