Receiving the Malcolm Knowles Award

Award from the International Society for Self Directed Learning
Allison Zmuda receiving the 2024 Malcolm Knowles Award

Earlier this month, I was honored to receive the 2024 Malcolm Knowles Award from the International Society for Self Directed Learning for my contributions to the field of personalized learning. As I planned my keynote address as part of the symposium, I reminisced about the winding road of my own professional journey. 

Throughout my career as a teacher and an independent consultant it has been generating and sharing ideas bounded by creative tensions.

Allison Zmuda receiving the Malcolm Knowles Award
Receiving the 2024 Malcolm Knowles Award

These tensions are a YES … AND dance that fuel my own work with school clients.

  • Guaranteed and viable. What are the non-negotiables / given constraints? Where is their agency to play, to imagine, to create?
  • Collaboration and solitude. How does working with others help expand thinking? When is it helpful to have quiet space to mull things over and reflect?
  • Emerging ideas and precise language. What are a range of possible ideas to help better understand an issue, challenge, or project? What ideas are rising to the surface that would benefit from the next level of detail?

What are the YES … AND tensions that help you dance in your profession?

I would love your feedback in the comments.

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