Keynote Speaking

Allison Zmuda is a longstanding education consultant focused on curriculum development with an emphasis on personalized learning.

All of her professional engagements — whether with colleagues or clients — are centered around partnerships. She is available for keynote talks for starting at $5,000 per speaking engagement, which includes travel expenses.

While Allison has three signature talks, she works with clients to personalize (like she does with everything!) talks based on their goals, context, and desired actions. Other talk ideas

Allison Zmuda

Signature Talk #1

How to Shape Curriculum RIGHT NOW That Will Best Serve Our Learners for the Future

Most curriculums are in desperate need of a makeover. Learn how to streamline your curriculum by taking an editorial stance to determine what to cut outconsolidatekeep and create in service to desired learning outcomes. Then refresh how you share the curriculum narrative through the use of a new layout that can both engage and activate your students.

Signature Talk #2

Authentic Assessment: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How to Design It

Students crave doing work that matters. They rise up to — and stick with — challenges when they see the impact it can have on people’s lives. We will focus on three key parts to build authentic assessments — the challenge, the format, and the audience.

Signature Talk #3

Reclaiming Energy and Engagement: Using the Four Attributes to Build Classroom Culture

Learn how to revitalize any learning plan by increasing opportunities for voiceco-creationsocial construction and self discovery.

Other Talk Ideas

Allison has significant writing and consulting expertise with the following topics: