Is this you?

See if this sounds familiar.

As an instructional leader, you recognize problems within your school or district. You love your students and want to see them have a meaningful learning experience. You respect your teachers and want to see them thrive within their strengths.

The days of trying to micromanage are behind you – you instead want to communicate steps teachers can take to grow within their classrooms and curriculum and oversee implementation. You’re ready to begin that process.

We both know, however, that it won’t happen in a straight line. You will encounter resistance and obstacles requiring reflection and problem-solving. You will experience moments of self-doubt, uncertainty, and frustration.

Despite all of that, you’re ready to bite the bullet and be a change generator within your school, district, or organization.

That is why you’re exploring a variety of options.


What will we work on together?

Let's explore what our relationship will look like.