Curriculum Storyboards Rapid Fire Feedback

I loved the insights and 'ahas' those in attendance at the NEASC Leadership Conference provided after a session on Curriculum Storyboards.
Allison Zmuda speaking to a room full of people

After presenting at the NEASC Leadership Conference, I asked those in attendance to give rapid fire feedback — insights or ‘ahas’ — that came after seeing my presentation on Curriculum Storyboards.

I loved the rapid fire responses:

Lack of Jargon in Curriculum Storyboards

“So what I’m noticing about all these examples — and I haven’t seen these before — (is) the lack of educational jargon. Things are accessible to every kind of stakeholder, and from a kid to a parent to a teacher to an assistant superintendent.”

What Am I Going to Do In This Unit?

“My eyes immediately went to, what am I going to do in this unit? Not what am I going to learn, but what am I going to do, because as an adult, that’s what I look for when I’m reading a catalog, if I’m going to join a course. What are my experiences going to be?”

Encouraging Parent Involvement

“I just think it actually really opens it up for parent interaction and parent involvement, because now you’re feeding them the questions they can ask their kids. It really opens it up for conversations with parents and their kids.”

Planning Structure

“The other thing that we talked about was the common structure that this could give to us planning this school-wide experience versus a departmental experience versus a course experience, and just having that same structure gives a predictability for the entire community.”

Autonomy In the Classroom

“It provides a level of autonomy for teachers. A structured curriculum kind of boxes the teacher in, but when you’re able to create the story, it provides you with that autonomy of what will happen in your classroom.”

Applying Curriculum Storyboards

Presenting to educators at the NEASC Leadership Conference is something I hope gave a window or a snapshot into what Heidi Hayes Jacobs and I conceptualized Curriculum Storyboards to be when writing Streamlining The Curriculum.

The concept was designed to be a DIY experience, because we want to make sure curriculum design is something that teachers and students find joy in, but we also enjoy working with districts and curriculum design teams to make their visions come alive.

To learn more, reach out via my contact page.

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