Small changes can make a difference with your students right now.

… and Allison Zmuda wants to help you make those small changes. She will go shoulder-to-shoulder with you to help you do the same with your students.

Areas of Expertise

Curriculum, Assessment, & Instructional Design

Is your curriculum outdated or is there too much on the teacher’s plate? Given how rapidly things change, are you struggling to create a coherent curriculum that allows for flexibility? In what ways do you encourage collaboration among the teachers?

Student Impact

Do students constantly ask. why are we learning this? Do they feel they have a voice in the design and choices they may need to feel invited to work and meet the challenges?  Do students have a variety of ways that they can show what they know? 

Evaluation, Grading, & Reporting

Do students struggle to see how their work has improved over time? Can students use scoring tools to guide their work? Is the report card failing to provide a complete picture of student performance?

Allison Zmuda - Consulting
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