Permission To Rest

Before we began a series of poses, the yoga instructor said “give yourself permission to rest” as part of your practice today.

Stepping Away from Education Jargon to Dream Big at Newport News Public Schools

I have had the privilege to work with Newport News teaching and learning leaders in every subject area to refresh their PK-12 vision. We worked together to clarify the broader aims in language that is aspirational, accessible, aligned, and actionable. Take a listen to Tami who is reading the STEM draft that she, Jennifer, Billie […]

3 Things To Consider When Designing Your Curriculum Feedback Loop

Feedback loop showing action effect and feedback

No matter how promising a curriculum is in the design phase, seeing how it plays out across classrooms is essential to track, which is where we can leverage a curriculum feedback loop. There are three major considerations to make it more likely that the responses you get are valid. 1. Develop a balanced and conversational […]

How Profile of a Learner Can Help You Streamline Your Curriculum

profile of a learner

An effective profile of a learner (or profile of a graduate) will act as a North Star for teachers to not only meet subject-based standards, but to provide a rounded-out set of skills that benefit their students. I adore working with districts in this space to not only determine the effectiveness of the profile itself, […]