Backward Design and Curriculum Projects

It’s more than simply backwards designing one unit at a time.
Backwards Design slide

When I begin a conversation about backward design when we start a curriculum project, I anchor it with Stephen Covey and common sense. When you are clear on the end in mind, you are better equipped to navigate the journey and be agile to meeting learner needs along the way.

But when you are knee deep in the conversations about coherence, innovation starts to emerge. I had the privilege of working with Conestoga Valley school and district leaders to dive deeper into curriculum design.

A window into our conversation …

Curriculum can feel really personal. It can feel like territory that I have earned. Brush that I have cleared to make sense for my learners.

That means that sometimes new and uncharted territory may cause uncertainty. 

Even if …

Taking small, smart actions requires time, support, and permission to draft. They deserve to be prototyped and honed based on feedback from teachers and students.

Curriculum is a living, breathing document.

It requires fresh air to stay relevant to student needs, contemporary issues, and emerging ideas.

When we are clear on the goals we care most about, we can plan for and celebrate growth over time. Growth in pedagogy, in collaboration, in feedback loops, and communication.

Grateful to be part of the journey.

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