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In March I’ll be traveling to Chicago to co-present several sessions at the ASCD Empower19 conference!

Below are the details for those sessions; more information can be found by searching the conference schedule. If you are attending, I hope to see you there.

Making “Equity Moonshot” a Reality: Using Personalized Learning to Drive Our Commitments and Actions

with Bena Kallick and Yvette Jackson

Pre-conference Institute Fri, Mar 15, 08:30 AM–3:30 PM

Registration info here.

How can we intentionally focus our thinking and actions on equity in our personalized learning environments? Equity-driven pedagogy is based on the fearless expectation that all students are capable of high intellectual performances. In this institute, we will focus on structures, strategies, and processes that deepen learning through regular and rich experiences that help students discover who they are and who they aspire to be. As an outcome, each participant or team will leave with some exemplars of practice and a network of resources to further their work. This is a unique opportunity to see the synergy in decades-long focus on equity-driven pedagogy and the habits of mind with a fresh look at the promise of personalizing learning.

The Synergy of Equity and Personalized Learning: The Why and the How

with Yvette Jackson and Bena Kallick

Sat, Mar 16, 08:15 AM-09:45 AM

How can we focus on the issues of equity, in which we help all students identify their unique gifts and talents? At the heart of personalized learning is making it personal, which is a complex endeavor. In this session, we will define what is meant by equity and how to personalize learning with all students so that they discover their aspirations, passions, strengths; how to cocreate experiences that help them to pursue their interests in a well-designed curricular experience; how to use the expertise of others who are both inside or beyond the school walls; and how to help them continuously reflect on what they are learning about themselves as empowered people in the world.

Road Trip to Finland: Our Reflections on and Takeaways for Reimagining School

with Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Marie Alcock and Bena Kallick

Sat, Mar 16, 01:45 PM-03:15 PM

We made an extraordinary trip to Finland in September 2018 to find out for ourselves what we might learn from a country that has been in the spotlight for years as a beacon of hope and possibility. Join us as we share the findings from our quest to learn more about how Finland has made some bold moves to personalize learning; develop phenomena-based inquiry; eliminate subject-area silos; cultivate natural, language-rich environments; and explore approaches, policies, and structures to grow their students. We will identify lessons to inform our practice such as how Finland views and organizes vocational learning as a meaningful part of the school experience, how the use of play is a part of the learning experience, how teachers use assessment methods and communication forms with students and parents, and how teachers are prepared and supported in their craft.

Student-Facing Curriculum: Students Designing Learning Experiences to Measure What Matters

with Marie Alcock and Michael Fisher

Sun, Mar 17, 08:15 AM-09:45 AM

The measure of engagement is the ability for a learner to identify the following: what am I learning, why am I learning it, how am I going to learn it, how will I know if I have learned it, and how do I feel about learning it? How are we providing students the opportunities to learn and practice active engagement? Student-facing curriculum is a key tool for increasing student engagement and performance. Attend this session to explore the development of student-facing curriculum and how it is used to support students in co-creating their own learning experiences. Outcomes include increasing engagement for all learners; facilitating three “selfies” for students: self-assess, self-regulate, and self-motivate; connecting students within levels of affinity spaces; creating spaces and supports for students to document their personalized learning plans; and inviting students to reflect on their work and accomplishments.