About Me

I am energized by long-term collaborations with thoughtful, strategic, and visionary partners dedicated to growing every learner.

I graduated from Yale University with my teaching certification and immediately started co-creating ideas and challenges with my teaching partners and high school students in Newtown, CT.

After nine years, I transitioned from classroom to education consultant buoyed by my first book and have been working with school clients ever since. My writing is inspired by my consultations — generating fresh ideas and actions and seeing the impact it has on learning. I have written a total of 12 books to date as well as numerous articles, blog posts, and chapters.

The power of Partnership

I had the privilege of being mentored by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe early in my consultant career — collaborating with them on an ASCD publication, resources, and workshop presentations.

As I became more immersed in designing personalized learning experiences with schools, I began to work closely with Bena Kallick to integrate Habits of Mind into curriculum, assessment, and instruction. Our connection was immediate and long lasting. I have the honor of being a co-director of the Institute for Habits of Mind with her and with Art Costa.

My collaboration on Curriculum Storyboards with Heidi Hayes Jacobs continues to flourish. We are inspired by the curriculum writers and leaders as they engage with streamlining curriculum and instructional templates and design specifically for students.

What Clients Have to Say