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What I Believe

Learning is an active, intentional process of constructing meaning from information and experience. This is true for all learners — students, educators, families, community members. Yet, many learners feel that they are going through the motions of learning: doing “bad karaoke” of someone else’s lines, filling out the forms, checking off the boxes.

Schooling does not have to be this way, have to feel this way. We can design curricular goals and assignments that are challenging, possible and worthy of the attempt.

What We Work on Together

We engage in rich problems that require inquiry, analysis, and inventive solutions. To do this, we apply timeless ideals to a contemporary context to make learning personal by:

  • working together to clarify the big picture (the “why”) and taking action on the details (the “what” and “how”);
  • tapping into the diverse talent of educators to create experiences to engage every learner;
  • inspiring every student to pursue ideas through inquiry, problem-solving, and project development;
  • demonstrating respect for every learner by trusting them as co-collaborators; and
  • benefiting from social experience(s) to enhance productivity, creativity, and impact.